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Roger Van Lieshout 

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Florida artist Roger Van Lieshout has been oil painting since early childhood.  Born in Winnipeg, Canada (1960), he grew up in a family with a rich tradition and appreciation for the arts - with many of his uncles and cousins who are working artists and architects.

Roger's professional background for many years was in the resource management field.  He completed a diploma in resource management from the Kelsey Institute of Arts and Sciences (1980) and then his bachelor's degree from the University of Manitoba (1986), and then University of Phoenix (1997) MA.  Following college Roger founded his own company and launched a nationally-acclaimed mentoring program for at-risk youth until 2012 - when he left to pursue his lifelong ambition to become a full-time professional artist.

Roger's oil paintings begin with pencil sketches of people, places and situations that he has encountered in his travels. They each tell a story of everyday life that captured his attention and imagination, often with a humorous twist or provocative insight.  Each painting provides a narrative that started with an observation, evokes a memory and ends with a smile.  Perhaps contemporary abstract tribal art may describe Roger's art according to some - most simply call it happy art.

Roger believes that capturing the essence of Florida living and the island lifestyles of the Caribbean region is best accomplished by using vibrant colors and showcasing colorful personalities.  In this regard his paintings provide the audience with a refreshing and unique perspective that is fun to enjoy, and anything but boring.

His art is showcased in galleries and private collections throughout North America and Europe, and it is available exclusively in the Florida Keys at the Cocco Salem Gallery in Key West.