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Stanley Zabar
Painting with Light

Stanley Zabar is a Native New Yorker who grew up on 81st and Broadway and now lives at 81st and West End Avenue in Manhattan.
He has been working with Cameras and with various aspects of Photography for over 50 years before becoming involved with ‘painting with light’ and using the Raw Process to create images then printing with Pigment Inks on canvas.

While involved with his artistic endeavors and having shows of his work In the Key West area galleries, he also was and is Vice-President and house counsel for Zabar’s & Co. Inc located at the upper west-side of Manhattan.

Stanley, a snow bird, sojourns with his wife, Judy, on Sugarloaf Key, Fl.
Sugarloaf Key is located approximately 15 miles from Key West.
Judy is a well known Key West and New York painter and artist, who is also represented by the Cocco and Salem Gallery, and shows there from time to time.

Judy and Stanley are involved in numerous charitable organizations in Key West and New York

Stanley’s e-mail address is If contacted, in addition to responding, he will place you on the e-mail list, which most people enjoy very much.

Artist Statement

Stanley Zabar is a painter with light. Strongly aware of the visual world around him, Stanley employs digital techniques with a painter's artistic approach to color in crafting his formal and imaginative impressions. Consequently, color, as an impression response to his subject matter, is the most significant part of his process. The interplay of color and form, as a tool giving freedom to the imagination, is the theme of his work. He is a painter of the digital age.

Stanley creates works considered to be paintings, not photographs: The framing of real life subject matter, i.e., an image captured by a lens, is only the preliminary action of his artistic method. Employing a process called "RAW,” Stanley utilizes a camera to render an image of light: technically, a picture of the light present on the camera's "light chip," encompassing both material subject matter and light spectrum, is taken. Through "RAW" technology, the original real life material is “prismaticized”; that is, the colors are shown as if being seen through a prism. This initial step of Stanley's process consequently provides his tools: subject matter as form, and a painting palate for colorization. With archival pigment ink applied to canvas, watercolor paper, or backlight film, Stanley then paints his pictures. At times, he subsequently enhances the work with acrylics or oil paint to create a mixed media.

Painting in colors unseen in such context in reality, Stanley depicts the world as is imaginatively impressed on him by his subject matter. Through the tool of digital technology, Stanley allows the mind of both painter and viewer to play. This freedom, the artist intends, ultimately allows the viewer a new and profound engagement with their external environment. Even when hidden in the commonplace or commercialized, even when the intent of the form is not aesthetic pleasure, he believes we are surrounded by beauty. Form and light are beautiful, and the world is made of form and light. Stanley guides us in experiencing our world as art.
Stanley’s work has been exhibited repeatedly at the Cocco & Salem Gallery (Key West) and at the Hammond Museum (North Salem, NY).