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Marylene Proner

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Marylene Proner was born in Paris, France. She received her first artistic training from her parents, who were both painters. She too became an artist, and graduated from the Beaux-Arts academy in Paris where she focused on painting, etching & engraving. The light of the tropics, in which she lived for many years, became a source of inspiration, and painting became her primary medium. Proner’s work represents sunlight, shadow and atmosphere, and her wide range of subjects include people and animals in naturalistic settings. She has exhibited in Paris, Aix en Provence, Saint-Denis (La Reunion), Port Louis (Mauritius), and, in California, Halfmoon Bay, Los Angeles & Palm Desert. And now at Cocco and Salem Gallery in Key West, Florida.

"I find my inspiration from multiple sources but my favorite subject remains the challenge of bringing characters to light while they uphold their mystery: If they gaze at something you don't see what they are watching, if they talk to each other you don't get a clue of what goes on, if they laugh or look pensive, you are left without a key to make sense of their expression.
Thus the beholders of the painting, unbound to a plain depiction of the scene, stay free to ramble beyond the picture and create their own narrative. Some paintings actually stage the show and the audience, and we are invited to mix with the spectators and become part of the cast.
These games of double entendre are supported by a style mixing vibrant colors and fluid shapes, so the painting process remains an exhilarating experience, a repeated attempt to contouring mysteries."