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Frederic Palay 

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As a former student and an avid reader of art history, I feel that art is everywhere, not limited to specific setting of art galleries and museums. The classic great masters were artisans and salesman. Their creativity could and would blossom under any political, religious or economical constraint. It is a very modern idea to think that art is above the contingencies of the real world, to be reserved to out of touch professional artists and critics. Under the mask of avant- garde, the tyranny of abstractism and conceptualism, I see the return of academicism, that most modern artists since the Renaissance have one way or another fought against. Since arriving in the Florida Keys, I have been working on painted sculptures that simply hope to render both the beauty and the fragility of the wildlife that still inhabits the islands, the Gulf and the ocean.





Master in Econometric, and Computational and Mathmatic Modelization, Sorbonne University, Paris

Ancien eleve de l'Ecole Superieure des Arts Decratifs de Paris. ENSAD

Ancien eleve de l' Istitut des Sciences Politiques de Paris. SCIENCE-PO