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Susan Sykes at Cocco & Salem Gallery

Cocco & Salem Gallery is proud to present the encore show of paintings by New York artist Susan Sykes. In 2013 through the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in Manhattan, Susan was featured in a photorealist show at Galerie Bellefuielle in Montreal and in the Louis Meisel “Photorealism Revisited” collection exhibited at the Oklahoma Museum of Fine Arts and the Butler Institute in Chicago. For twelve years Ms, Sykes was shown by the redoubtable Ivan Karp at O.K Harris Gallery in Manhattan, taking her place with the strongest realist painters in the country and has spent the past seven years represented by the Louis Meisel Gallery in Manhattan. Mr. Meisel was the originator of the term ‘photorealism’ and for over 35 years has featured only the most highly skilled of American painters.
At Cocco & Salem Gallery last year Ms. Sykes original show of the remarkable and eclectic Key West populace focused on its history from 1910 to 1950. This new group of realist oils on canvas is based upon photos taken by the artist in 2013. She offers us her view of what she believes is the most visually exciting, diverse, individualistic, idiosyncratic, and merrymaking community in the United States. The affectionately satirical paintings are, for the most part, presented on an extreme horizontal plane to give the sense of a mural with its panoramic sweep. Filled with an unlikely collection of people and an assortment of local animals that would never assemble in the same locale, Susan delights in the sense of fun permeated by the Key West experience. However, as in all satires the sharp undercurrent is found only if looked for.
The paintings will be on view from Monday March 3rd through Monday March 17th. Opening reception takes place on Tuesday March 4th at Cocco and Salem Gallery 1111 Duval Street Key West, and the artist will be present from 5-8 P.M. For further information please contact the gallery at 292-0072.








Painting with Pigment and Painting with Light


When Judith and Stanley Zabar came to Key West and became great patrons to all the arts, few people if any knew how truly creative they were.

Judith, a long time painter has amassed an impressive body of work full of passionate colors and beautifully mingled lines that guide the viewers eye through her paintings. Showing a progression in style from representational work to pure abstraction, Judith exhibited her first one-woman show last season with great success and accolades on her creative passions.


This year Judith has chosen to exhibit some exciting new paintings, but also showcase “Dreams”, an illustrative documentation of her personal dreams. This terribly creative and quite amusing series will be offered as giclee prints and portfolio editions.

For over sixty years Stanley Zabar has been playing with cameras and developing in his own darkroom. This never satisfied him until he was introduced to a process which involved taking a picture of light which encompassed the subject matter. The process was introduced as “RAW”. Technically, when the camera snaps a picture of the light shown on the camera’s light chip, the light encompasses the subject and the light spectrum. Stanley looks at the colors available to him from that light as if it were a painter’s palette and chooses from the available colors. Stanley is not shy with this palette as he shares life as he sees it. As a contemporary artist, Stanley considers what he is doing is painting with light. He does his own painting and printing on his Epson 9900 printer in his New York studio.

Stanley has had a number of shows, but he is excited to present this show in an exhibition of 30x40 inch canvases titled “Painting with Light”.

In the tradition of always supporting the arts, fifty percent of the “Painting with Light” show will benefit The Studios of Key West.

Please join us to view this creative collection and meet the artists on March 8th from 5:30 to 8:30 PM at Cocco and Salem Imagine Art, located at 1111 Duval Street Key West. For further information contact us at 292-0072


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