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Curtis Erickson 


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Under the Sea with Color

Curtis Erickson spent his childhood growing up in South Florida and now lives in Phoenix, Arizona.
Living in South Florida’s tropical environment provided Curtis with a fascination for marine life and a desire to explore the sea’s mysterious beauty. This would become his passion.

In 1979 Curtis graduated the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale launching a successful 30 year career as a designer and illustrator for corporate America.

In 1988, pursuing his passion for the sea, Curtis acquired his training and certifications for scuba diving including a certification in underwater photography. The Florida Keys have provided many underwater experiences over the years. Although Curtis frequently returns to the Florida Keys for diving, other tropical destinations include the Dutch Antilles, Bahamas, Sea of Cortez, Belize, and California’s Channel Islands.

Curtis now paints with oils on canvas sharing his eyes under the sea. His paintings are a true account of real wildlife in their natural habitat and the seascapes are actual places under the sea.